We planted our first trees in 2009 and have been nurturing them and watching them steadily grow into fine specimens.


We have three types of tree available; traditional Norway spruce, the very popular 'non-drop' Nordmann Fir and Blue Spruce.


Our trees are grown on the Surrey/Kent/Sussex border and are freshly cut so you can be sure you are buying a tree that will look at its best throughout the festive season.


We hope you will drop by and see what we have to offer. Your satisfaction is important to us as we hope to see you again next Christmas, and the one after that.....




From 29th Nov 2021 - ROADWORKS on FELCOURT ROAD - Southern Gas Networks have closed the road approx 0.5 miles north of Kingsley Farm. If you are driving from East Grinstead then keep going north on Lingfield Rd and ignore the 13 'ROAD CLOSED' signs as your Journey to us on Blackberry Road is completely unaffected.

If you are driving from Lingfield your best option is to head for Dormansland and then drive past Dormans train station to reach us. Again, this route is open as normal.



We're open every day from Wednesday  24th November 2021 to Thursday 23rd December 2021. Details of our opening times can be found HERE.

Tree Reservations

You are welcome to reserve a tree for delivery or collection at a later date. Just drop by from 24th November onwards and take your pick from this years crop. No pre-booking required.

Please make sure you've got suitable footwear as it can get muddy at times. Wellington boots are highly recommended!

When you've selected your tree we will cut it for you, but there are other harvesting options available.

Click HERE for details.


We'll also have easy access to a selection of cut trees for you to choose from - handy if its raining!

We use colour coded tags on our trees so you can quickly find the size 

when making your selection. It goes like this:

3ft-4ft = RED

4ft-5ft = GREEN

5ft-6ft = BLUE

6ft-7ft = WHITE

7ft-8ft = PURPLE

8ft-9ft = ORANGE

9ft-10ft = RED

10ft-12ft = GREEN

For our 2021 price list please click here

We will once again be operating our excellent value tree delivery and collection service. 

Please scroll down for further details.


Everything to Keep Your Tree Happy

Tree Stands

As well as selling Christmas trees, we also stock Cinco tree stands to make sure

your tree will have a happy Christmas too. In our opinion, these are the best value

stands available. Made in the USA they are very strong and stable for trees up to 10ft

in height and have a large water reservoir to make sure your tree stays fully hydrated

throughout the festive period. 

log close up.jpg

We Sell Logs

Barn Stored and Seasoned

We've been supplying seasoned logs to the local area for many years.

To place an order, or to request further details, please complete your details HERE or call 07553 673789


1 Net = £4.50, 5 Nets = £20

Kindling = £4.50

Large Bag (equivalent to 1/4 of a Bulk Bag) = £20

Bulk Bag (AKA Builders Bag/1 ton bag) = £75

Minimum  order value is £40. 

Free Local Delivery.

Click HERE to see if you are within our free delivery radius for logs.

If you are outside of our area, then please contact us to get a delivery price.


Delivery and Collection Service

What a good idea!

For just £6 we'll deliver a tree to your door within a 4 mile radius......

....and for another £6 we'll collect your tree at the end of the festive period. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic you might not want to visit us in person this year, or you might just be short

of time during the busy festive season. Either way, use the 'Get In Touch' form below and fill in your details,

including the size and type of tree you'd like. We'll then confirm your order, select your tree and deliver it and,

if you want, collect after Christmas all for just £12 more than the normal purchase price!

Click HERE to see if you're within our delivery radius.

If you live outside of this area, please contact us for a delivery price.

Delivery will be within a 3hr time slot and collection will be from

the front of your property on the agreed date.

view through trees.JPG


We are open every day from Wednesday 24th November 2021until Thursday 23rd December 2021

9:30am to 4:30pm every day.




Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Thanks for submitting!

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