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Harvesting Your Tree

Most customers who visit Kingsley Farm select their tree and are happy for us to cut it for them. But there are an intrepid few out there who like to get hands on with their tree harvesting and we are happy to welcome them to Kingsley Farm! 

You can either cut the tree yourself, or dig out the tree with the roots so you can replant it at home, either in your garden or in a planter.


Cutting your own tree is a big thing in the USA and it seems to be catching on over here as well.

If you are planning to dig out the roots, then best to aim for a slightly smaller tree than you would usually choose so there's a bit of growing room for future years and to make your life easier when digging. It also means you can take a bigger portion of the root structure which increases the chances of successful replanting. And remember to fill in the hole after you've finished as we don't want to be left with a field full of craters.

tree roots.jpg

To cut or dig your tree you need to come equipped with your own hand tools - saw, spade, gardening fork etc. You also need to think about a bag to wrap around the roots to prevent making a mess in your car and your own PPE e.g. suitable boots and gloves. We do not allow power tools of any kind.

Those who dig out their own trees get a great sense of satisfaction when the tree is finally released from the ground but it is hard work and one tree is usually enough!

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