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Ok, you’ve just visited Kingsley Farm, found your perfect tree, and are now wondering how best to preserve its beautiful foliage for the next month or so.

Your tree is going to be moved from temperatures approaching 0 Celsius to indoor temperatures of around 20 Celsius. That’s a big shock for the tree so how best can you acclimatise your tree to its new environment?

Key tips are as follows:


  • Cut a circular slice a cm or so wide from the base when you get the tree home. This is so the tree will draw water more easily.

  • We have always advised that you should put your tree in water as soon as possible when you arrive home. Recent research shows that this can actually increase the shock to the tree when it is brought indoors which can lead to the loss of perfectly fresh, green needles. This would not lead to a bald tree, but it would mean you have to hoover up more needles than is ideal. 

  • BUT, the answer is not to stop watering your tree! If you don’t water your tree at all, the research showed that foliage will suffer as the tree dehydrates and will end up looking limp and brown. Also, not watering you tree will increase the potential fire risk.

  • Use a good quality,  stable water holding stand, but don’t add water for the 2 or 3 days after the tree comes inside your home. (to reduce the shock to the tree). Then fill up the water reservoir and keep it topped up throughout the festive period. This will stop the tree drying out and maintain the appearance of the needles.

  • If possible, place your tree away from direct heat sources ( open fires and radiators) to reduce the rate of dehydration. The cooler the better.

  • Watch this space! – we’ll update it as further research results are available.

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