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Winter is Coming

Winter is rapidly approaching so now is the time to get organised and fill up your log store.

We’ve currently got plenty of logs ready for delivery so please visit our website and scroll down the homepage for available options.

When you’ve decided what quantity you need, use the ‘Get in Touch’ form to place your order and we’ll get back to you to arrange delivery.

Our logs are seasoned but you will need to keep them dry until you burn them. An outdoor log store works well and doesn’t have to be particularly ornate to be effective. It just needs to keep the rain off.

If you like wood and logs and fires, then an excellent read (if you haven’t already) is ‘Norwegian Wood – Chopping, Stacking and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way’ by Lars Mytting. An ideal Christmas present?

This is also a good time to check out the rest of our website and read about what we’re doing to keep safe while selling Christmas trees during the COVID pandemic

Whilst we’re unsure exactly what restrictions will be in force during December, the fact that we operate outdoors is a big advantage and we will be adopting extra measures to keep everyone safe. We also offer the option of ordering your Christmas tree via the website. You use the ‘Get in Touch’ form to place your order and we will then cut, wrap and deliver the tree to your house. We hope this will benefit many of our customers this year.

Dave at Kingsley Farm


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